We love Prague!


Charles bridge in Prague
photo: Kellyana

It is true – we were born in Prague and we love our city. Because Prague isn’t just a metropolis of shiny hotels and bars, where you wouldn’t be let in without a golden credit card, luxurious shops and overpriced beerhouses, from which a real spirit of the city disappeared a long time ago.

Those are the places where we, people from Prague, don’t go to. For us, Prague is a city with spirit, the city of dark legends and magical beauty, whose nature has been created by generations of world-renowned architects. The heart of the country where blood of battles and executions was spilt over its pavement. The city in the narrow streets and alleys of which regular people have lived, eaten, drunk and made business. And that is exactly such Prague we would like to show you – romantic, pulsating, dreamy and cool.

U Bansethu: Svejk liked it here


Restaurant U Bansethu in Prague 4
photo: ubansethu.cz

More precisely, his spiritual father, Jaroslav Hasek, did. The restaurant U Bansethu in Nusle, Prague 4, has had more than a century old tradition and the famous writer was one of local patron.

And you could see his favourite table – “a witness of a many brilliant rhetoric improvisations or a cushion supporting his alcohol-tired head”, as it is said. Even if the table might not have really witnessed Hašek, it is true that not only the restaurant U Bansethu is mentioned in the book of The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk, but also its founder Mr Alois Banseth. Traditional Pilsner restaurant and its old classic Czech cuisine has paid respect to Alois Banseth till now with either its homely atmosphere, the superb care of the pale lager Prazdroj or excellent homemade cuisine for reasonable prices. Let’s have look what is on the menu and what the restaurant looks like.

Restaurants, where to eat well


The best restaurants in Prague
photo: Fotolia

Mind, you the hungry ones! Don’t read on! The restaurants’ menus we are writing about might activate Pavlov’s reflexex in you…

What about a sausage baked with anions, garlic, and paprika and bathed in dark beer, venison paté with cranberry sauce and homemade roll, marinated pork neck with onion sauce and mashed potatoes, or boar with rosehip sauce and potato pancakes? Come with us into the fragrant world of Prague restaurants which cook really well!

Prague attractions for kids


Roundabout in Prague
photo: Fotolia

Feeling dizzy, pleasant tickle in the belly, quick and unusual motion. Let’s go with the children to entertainment centers where everyone can play all day long.

We will invite you to St. Matthew’s Fair. Do you know what is new there? And then we will set out to entertainment centers and parks, where children can search in thrilling caves, rage on trampolines and slides, try a ride on karts or climb a gelatin volcano as well… simply to enjoy a day nicely. Do you know already where to go with your kids?

Good Prague confectioneries


The best confectioneries in Prague
photo: Prague cheap

Talking about confectioneries, we don’t mean baked croissants from previously frozen stock, or grease dripping donuts – they can be found in Prague as well, but the fastidious Praguers avoid them.

The know where to find confectioneries which pursue freshness and quality. The ones offering desserts made of butter cream, whipped cream from a genuine cow, and vanilla, not artificial vanillin, offering cakes with honey from a beekeeper in their flans, and real almond marzipan for cake decorating. We have chosen a few such confectioneries for you.

Topolová: Accommodation
from 129 CZK/4.80 EUR


Rezidence Topolova in Prague
photo: rezidencetopolova.cz

It sounds incredible in Prague, doesn’t it? But it isn’t just that easy – there have to be at least nine of you and stay at least two weeks. But even so – good, right?

Even the standard prices for a night in Rezidence Topolová are quite fair, so the price  is more than accommodating. Judge for yourself…

Lock your love at Certovka


Lock of love: bridge near Certovka, Prague
photo: Wawrouš FotoDesign

Lock your love a thousand times and throw the key into deep water, so that nobody, never, and nothing could you separate. This romantic habit has spread across the whole Europe and brings to our minds the Milvio Bridge on which St. Valentine, patron of all lovers, is said to have been martyred.

And exactly in that bridge, such ritual was done by two lovers from the novel I want you by Italian writer Federico Moccia. Well, they weren’t the first ones, some locks on the bridges aver Tibera are much older. Some people find the roots of this habit on old China, where people locked their souls in small metal boxes and threw the keys from cliffs so that the keys stayed lost in the mist of Huangshan mountains.

Or are the roots of this habit the verses by romantic Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimovič? Whatever was the beginning of it, the result is clear: all over the world, vandals in love hang their lock on metal railing the construction of which crashes down under such heavy burden… which infuriates local authorities.